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ViewPower Pro
ViewPower ViewPower Pro
ViewPower ViewPower Pro SNMP Web Manager ATS Monitor

Smart management software to montior and control multiple UPS via LAN and Internet.

Advanced management software to monitor and control multiple UPSs via LAN, Internet, and SNMP card.

SNMP Web Manager is a SNMP web card manager software. Users can search and operate all SNMP devices in the LAN via this interface. Then, user can double click device to open web server monitoring page.

ATS Monitor is specialized monitoring software that can check the most current working status of ATS, the associated data, and history data.

MPPTracker Utility tool for Extra Comm.    

MPPTracker is a monitoring software which can monitor multiple solar charger controller via serial port at the same time. The major functions of MPPTracker monitoring software include data log for devices, alarm messages, fault messages, and parameter setting for devices.